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About us

       Qu QiuBai School of Government was founded in March 2017. At present, the school has two undergraduate departments: Department of Social Work and Department of Public Affairs, three scientific research institutions: Social Governance and Public Policy Research Center, Changzhou Youth Development Research Center, Law and Sociology Research Center.

       As of Dec. 2016, the total number of faculty and staff members of the school is 20, of which 13 are teachers and researchers. 7 faculty members have title of professor (including 2 doctoral supervisors), 5 associate professor and 7 lecturer, 9 of them have doctorate, accounting for 69% of the total faculty. Other important facts and figures are as follows: 1 chief expert in the center of Marxist Theoretical Research and Construction Project , 2 experts on the panel of National Social Science Fund, and 2 teachers awarded with outstanding backbone teachers in “QingLan Project” of Jiangsu province

      The faculty of the school have undertaken and completed 20 projects from national social science fund and have published more than 400 papers, including 30 papers in the national important journals, 30 monographs, 10 series of books.

      There are over 325 full-time students enrolled in school, among them Social work majors maintain a high rates in postgraduates examiantion, in 2017 45% of the school graduates were admitted by those key universities like Nanjing University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Lanzhou University, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University, ect. to further their study.

      The mission of school is: aiming at being one of the leading colleges in cultivating talents in social work and public management with stronger and unique characteristics.

      We warmly welcome all colleagues home and abroad to our school! 

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