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Department of social work

      Social Work Department was upgraded in 2007 from Social Work Teaching and Research Centor founded in 2004. it is committed to cultivate applied and specialized talents with basic theoretical knowledge of social work, social investigation skills and social work ability. Together with the Trade Unions, the Youth League, Women's Federations and other social welfare institutions, our graduates could be engaged in social security, social policy research, social administration, community development and management, social services and evaluation, etc. by applying for the job in Civil Administration, Administrative Departments of Labor and Social Security, Public Health and other departments.  

     The objectives of the Department's development: aiming at being a department with specialized characteristic, and becoming an important base for fostering social work talents in Changzhou or even Yangtze river delta.

Department of Public Affairs

1. Brief Introduction and Training Objectives

     Department of Public Affairs holds the educational philosophy of cultivating  compound application talents with great public spirit and strong sense of social responsibility,who are familiar with the theories, technologies and methods of modern management and public affairs management, together with strong leadership, communicative skills and coordination ability in this field. Our graduates will be competent in work related to administrative management, policy analysis, public-private operation, fund raising and management in government, enterprises and institutions.

     Public Affairs Department exerts itself to establish a foothold in Yangtze river delta and southern areas of Jiangsu and cater for the needs of local economy and social development.

    The school will be adhering to the overall objectives of Wide scope, Deep foundation, Great ability and High quality and relying on the advantages of school’s competitive disciplines of economics, management and public management to cultivate applied and innovative talents, who are familiar with basic theories, methods and skills in government housing management, real estate management, development and marketing operation. Our graduates, armed with knowledge in financial management, law and public management, will be well qualified for administrative management work in the departments of Land-use planning, housing management and security,  and also for administrative management work in the real estate development and investment, assets operation, financial services, marketing, intermediary and consulting services and property management. The school is devoted to cultivate innovative and applied media talents in information collection, production and dissemination with basic theoretical knowledge in journalism and communication and high-level theoretical and practical skills in network and new media.

     There are two majors in Public Affairs Management: Urban Real Estate Management and New Media Management, and the first enrollment will take place in 2017

1.1Urban Real Estate Management.

      The school is about to build practical teaching bases through the joint efforts of government departments cencerned and the real estate enterprises, like JiangSu Province Housing and Urbane-rural Construction Department, ChangZhou Urban and Rural Construction Bureau, XinCheng Holding Group Co. LTD., etc, so as to cultivate talents in urban real estate management needed by government departments of real estate management and real estate enterprises.

1.2New Media Management

     The school is about to build practical teaching bases jointly with Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, JiangSU Branch of XinHuaNet, ChangZhou Municipal Propaganda Department. Graduates are going to work in enterprises and institutions related to new media management

2. Undergraduate Programs

     Principles of Management, Public Affairs Management, Public Economics, Public Finance, Applied Statistics, Social Survey Research Methods, Real Estate Development and Management, New Media and Management, Urban Land-use and Management, Introduction to Communication

3. Employment and development

     Employment field: Real estate development investment, Assets operation, Financial services, Market research and analysis, Marketing planning, Intermediary consulting and property management companies, Real estate management, Land planning, Housing security and management, and other government departments and real estate enterprises. Network news, New media marketing communication, Public opinion monitoring, Media content production and management and other Party and government offices, administrative institutions and media enterprises.

     Programs for postgraduates: graduates of this major are suitable for further study in management, economics, communication, sociology etc.

     Career expectation: Real estate managers and analysts, New media managers and analysts; Professional teachers and researchers in universities and research institutions.

4. Academic year system and Academic degree

Four years; Bachelor of Business Management.



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